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About Cira Green

A destination unlike any other in Philadelphia.

Open year-round, Cira Green is an elevated park in West Philadelphia’s University City District offering breezy lounge space, entertainment, food, and events.

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Roof Technology

There is more to Cira Green than meets the eye. Our meticulously-engineered roof features blue and green roof technologies, allowing us to have a reduced impact on the surrounding environment and community.

31,221 SF Total Green Roof Area
16,200 SF Blue-Covered Water System

Policies & Procedures

Hours of operation are subject to weather conditions and may vary at the discretion of Building Management.

Max occupancy of Cira Green is 500 occupants.

  • No Smoking
  • No BBQ or cooking
  • No soccer, football, basketball, or frisbees
  • No open fire
  • No skateboarding
  • No activities that would be deemed unsafe in an elevated park environment
  • No loud music
  • No biking
  • No climbing on or sitting in planter beds
  • No outside alcoholic beverages allowed